How does Sticker Pool™ work?

Cannonball into our Pool!

You let us know what type of sticker you would like.

We reach out to popular brands

They want their stickers in your hands!

Slap your sticker and spread the stoke!

Yes, it’s that simple.

What is the Sticker Pool Pro Pack™ VS Free Membership?

With a Sticker Pool Pro™ membership, we will send you a collectable sticker pack each month — tailored to your interests. With a free membership, you will receive a sticker pack when one of our partners are participating in an active Sticker Pool™ Campaign.

Q: What kind of stickers will i get?

A: “You will receive free stickers based on the interests you provide, being more specific will result in a sticker you will like.”

Q: Do I need to verify my email address & account?

A: “Yes, only verified users will receive their stickers. If we cannot Geolocate the physical mailing address provided you will not receive any stickers. We will contact you through email if this is the case.”

Q: Do I need to sign up each month?

A: “No, just one time and you’re set. This is a member based service.”

Q: Where are my stickers? I have not received them yet.

A: “The Sticker Pool Platform started development in 2017. Word wide support from members like you spawned this idea into fruition. A logistic test run for Utah is currently active, we will move into other states accordingly.”

Q: How long will shipping take for my free stickers?

A: “When the platform is finished, we will begin shipment from our facility in SLC, UT. You will receive an official email notification from Sticker Pool that shipment has started. Shipping will vary depending on your location.”

Q: Is this a worldwide service?

A: “You bet! We plan to change the way everyone receives stickers! We’re focusing on one country at a time. Please be patient until we reach your country, we appreciate your continuous support.”

Q: How do I get involved professionally?

A: “Drop us a line, we’re friendly 🙂 hello@sticker-pool.com”

Q: How do we use your data?

A: “We use your data to send stickers of common interest. You may cancel your free membership and remove your data at anytime at this link